Perfect Teenage Karaoke Party

Planning A Perfect Teenage Karaoke Party

How to arrange a Perfect Teenage Karaoke Party

Planning a perfect teenage karaoke party can be a real challenge, even for the seasoned parent.

We are defining a teen to be between 13 and 17 years old.

Working alongside your teenager, arrange a possible guest list. Where appropriate liaise with your teen to decide what guests will get along with other guests.

Decide on a manageable number of teenagers for the party.

Choose either to hire a karaoke system or a jukebox hire.  A karaoke hire is ideal so long as the teens are prepared to get involved. A teenage karaoke party will be very different to an adult party with the same equipment.

Perfect Teenage Karaoke Party
  • Suggest a teenage party playlist be pre-arranged prior to the event. This gives guests some time to practice and psyche themselves up to the event.

Another technique is to confirm the hire company provide a cable to connect your teenager’s smart phone to their system. Once connected your teen should be able to play their favourite background music for the arrival of their guests. Typically any streaming music solution will work.

So to wrap up here is a list to succeed in arranging a Perfect Teenage Karaoke Party,

  • Arrange a possible guest list.
  • Decide on karaoke or jukebox hire.
  • Check for teen appropriate songs, where possible.
  • Decide on start and end times
  • Decide if you want a mix of males and females and what proportion that mix should be.
  • Arrange nibbles keeping away from chewing gum or foods that might leave a nasty stain or damage furniture or carpet.
  • Ensure the karaoke or jukebox equipment you are hiring, has teenage appropriate songs.
  • Check with the supplier how many potential songs, if any, are not appropriate.
  • Teenage to make up a playlist of music for the beginning of the party when guests are milling around waiting for the the karaoke to start

To be sure your desired teen karaoke party happens as you both planned, do your best to have an open discussion.

And don’t forget to have some headache tablets handy just in case.

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