Seven Top Tips For A Perfect Jukebox Party

Where to start? Arrange the following :

  • Proposed date of party
  • Proposed time of arrival of guests
  • Theme – sports, books or celebrities (Hollywood), back-to-school, 50’s, 70’s, 80’s
  • Write initial guest list, this may need to be shortened depending on your budget
  • Three to four weeks before your event, book a jukebox or karaoke
  • Send invitations
  • Contact your guests about two to three weeks ahead of time, text them again about ten days before to remind them

Choose simple finger food, or light salads and snacks.

Perfect Party

Make a list of what you will need for your party

  • tables, chairs, silverware and napkins
  • decorations, stick to a theme if you have set one, eg. Hollywood posters, posters of famous celebrities of your theme, “The Fonz” for 50’s party
  • decide how much alcohol you will supply number of slabs of beer, what if any spirits and wine, or all of the above

Buy light food, alcohol and decorations about three days before your party.

Clean your home the day before your party, pay particular attention to the bathrooms.